The Condor

once the condor flew the sky
a million like her by her side
thick and proud they soared the air
sister birds the blue they shared

in a flock they blocked the sun
their beating wings heard by everyone
and with them in the sky I flew
left in this land there are but two

I hear a song on the edge of a dream
for a dying bird this should not have been
as I wake the music drifts away
that Arizona heat lifts in waves

we shot the noble bird at will
to dissipate the mass to kill
insecticide or a pellet of lead
the last wild condor is now dead

we sing a chant for a spirit gone
for I have hope like everyone
in a lab in another place
are the warm eggs of the future race

today the condor flies the sky
fifteen like her by her side
free and proud they soar the air
sister birds the blue they share